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Headsight and John Deere Announce Partnership

Headsight® and John Deere Harvester Works have announced their partnership to improve the header control performance of the John Deere 600D series draper headers.

Customers can experience enhanced header height and lateral tilt performance by using the Headsight® four sensor Feathersight solution.

The Headsight® sensors mount just behind the cutterbar - or in front of the end divider with the optional terrace sensor kit. The Feathersight® system allows seamless header height operation from on the ground up to typical harvesting heights. These features combine to give the combine an early and accurate warning of changes in terrain - allowing it to respond more effectively.

The Headsight® kit interfaces with the combine using the original single-point header connector - allowing the operator to use all the existing in-cab controls for settings and operation. Kits are available for use on 600D series draper headers with the dual-zone floatation system and any John Deere 70 or S-Series combine.

Product support will be provided as a collaborative effort between John Deere DTAC and Headsight® Tech Support.