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600D Draper allied agreement with Headsight Inc.

Headsight's Horizon™ system now available on 600D heads using GreenStar™(GS) 2630 Displays

For customers who are interested in further improving the ground following capabilities of the 600D Draper for their harvesting conditions.  John Deere Harvester Works and Headsight Inc. have collaborated to provide advanced header height sensing for the 600D Draper.

Headsight now offers Horizon™ to further improve the operators overall experience with the 600D Header.  Horizon™ is a new option from Headsight for the most advanced header control, which places settings, calibrations, and user functionality on John Deere’s current GS 2630 Display.  Horizon has the same advanced ground following capabilities that Insight® with Feathersight® proved last season and is still combined with the same proven height sensors.

Please contact Headsight Inc. to purchase or go to www.headsight.com for more information.  Collaboration will continue between John Deere and Headsight Inc. for design and product support.  John Deere DTAC and Headsight Inc. will provide technical support for the Horizon™ header height control system.

Headsight Inc. is recognized as both an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and an aftermarket provider of header control systems for front-end equipment.

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